Friday, January 2, 2015

Moving On.

If you seem to enjoy my useless drama and you actually give a shit about my personal life,
I'll be posting on my new blog that I made this year.

Just so you know.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

A 감격시대 Rant.

Who changes the head writer of a drama when it's still airing? LIKE SERIOUSLY, WHO DOES THAAAAT?!

I mean, I have been watching 감격시대 a.k.a. Inspiring Generation ever since it airs its first episode and the storyline's not that bad. Okay, I can handle all those fight scenes (heck, there's not one episode when there's just peace and quiet and that's what I love about this drama) and I was already curious as to how the characters in the drama will develop as the show goes on when I read the news that they are changing the head writer and worse, KIM JAEWOOK DROPPED OUT OF THE FREAKIN' DRAMAAAAAAA.


No offense to Kim Hyunjoong (his acting has gotten waaaay better, I tell you) but I'm more excited to see Kim Jaewook back on the small screen after his military services. I was spazzing so much ever since he appeared on episode 5 and I freakin' hear about this. I am more than curious as to how he saved Ok Ryeon and the ladies on episode 8 and then I hear about this that that freakin' episode is his last.


Many things have been popping in my head as to the reason why he should drop out of the drama when his character was starting to be intriguing. What relationship does he have with the writer or does he have any problems with that writer in the past and so on. I mean, YOU DO NOT FREAKIN DROP A CHARACTER OUT OF A DRAMA JUST BECAUSE YOU CHANGE THE WRITER!! If you want to drop a character in the character-studded drama (coz every episode there is a new one to be introduced and it has reached episode 10 right now), I can name a number of useless characters in the drama that could be dropped.

Or they could have not casted him if they were just going to do that and break the hearts of his fans. I am just so sad and bitter and I wanna curse so bad (but I can't) so I'll just hope for the best for this drama. I'm still going to watch this, though, but I can't help but feel disappointed that Jaewook's not in this anymore. 

It's just sad. So saaaaaaad.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Seriously, I was all ready for an anti-Valentine's Day post 
when this happened: 




Wednesday, November 6, 2013

슈퍼주니어의 8년. ♥♥♥

November 6, 2013 marks the 8th year that Super Junior had debuted in Korea. This day also marks how special they are from other idol groups.

Since yesterday, the boys had been telling us to wait for what they had prepared for their anniversary and us ELFs had been anticipating ever since. I remember laughing out loud in the office yesterday when Donghae uploaded that video of them saying "슈퍼주니어의 8년" and Siwon got slapped by Shindong(?). Just because you have the most handsome face in the group doesn't mean you cannot get slapped by the members. These dorks, what do I do without them?

And today, they surprised as with this:

their definition of airport fashion. 

I know something's up when I saw on my twitter timeline staff preparing a photo wall at the airport and that mini red carpet. Then the photos keep coming up minutes later. I was at the office and had one hour left till it's time to go home and I spent that one hour laughing to myself and at these dorks. Seriously, who can pull this kind of event just for their fans? For me, there's no other group who can do fan service best aside from Super Junior.

They can feel the love that ELF has for them and they return it with the same amount of love they had for us, if not more.

Truth be told, I had been distant for the past few months from the fandom and the boys because of work and some other things. But you know that saying 'there's no place like home', right? Super Junior is like a home to me. I may wander around for a period of time but they will always be the ones I will go back to. The love I had for them surpasses that of an idol-fan, it's more. Words can't describe how much I care and love these boys. They had been through so many challenges and hardships and we, the ELF, are always with them, standing right by their side. 

And it won't be a question as to how Super Junior loves the ELF. They are ready to embarrass themselves just for us. They are ready to be judged by what they are wearing on their 8th anniversary just to bring us some laughter. Their love for us, IT SHOWS. We can see their sincerity, we can see how much they love us. We can see how grateful they are because we are around them, always supporting them, always ready to wipe their tears when some things happen. 

I might not be with them since the beginning, but I promise you, I will be with them till the end. 

Kyuhyun looking so bad-ass I can't even think straight.

And for the record, that man above, will forever be my true love. I will always accept and support him, big tummy and all. HAHAHAHAHAHA 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Being Grateful.

This week was such a busy week: both physically and emotionally. We had to prepare a Halloween Party for the kids at our office when something came up that could be the turning point of my life.

Last Wednesday morning while I was out for the recording of our radio show, one of the department heads called me asking if I was at the office. I told him I was still at the radio and he asked me if I will be at the office by 1:30pm. I told him yes and he said he'll talk to me then. My initial reaction was 'What did I do? Did I do something wrong?'. I was so worried and thought too much about it. Maybe it has something to do with the budget for our tri-media activities or pending acquisition of supplies and the like. 

When I went back to the office I completely forgot about the appointment because my officemate's kid had arrived in the office for the Halloween Party. If the department head did not text me where I am already, I would completely forget about it, that I'm sure of. 

When I went inside his office and realized that he was not alone. Another head of a department was with him and they broke the news to me: I was considered for a regular position in the office. Then they went on and on about how important attitude is when it comes to work (trust me, ATTITUDE is an issue in our office right now) and big responsibilities will come my way if ever I will get the position. They said that the management had seen and acknowledged the effort and the things I had contributed to the Corporation that is why they are giving me this kind of opportunity.

My initial reaction: OH DEAR GOD OMGEEEEEEE IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?! I seriously want to spazz like crazy but had to stop myself. I can't believe this is really happening to me. I mean, at this age, who would've thought I would be considered for a regular position in a government office?! Of course, who wouldn't be happy with this opportunity. It's like its being handed to me and it's up to me whether to take it or not.

The only problem I can foresee is the 'gossip' if ever I would get the position. There are a lot of people who have been serving the Corporation way longer than I did when I have been in the Corporation for only one year and ten months. I know this would be an issue. But they (the two department heads) assured me that it would just pass by and encouraged me to just prove them wrong, just do what I usually do and double my effort. 

Whether I would get the position or not, I am just happy that the management had recognized my efforts and has given me this opportunity. I thank God for the blessings He had given me, He is indeed full of surprises. If this is really for me, it will happen. :)